GE Top Load Washer 4.5 Cubic Feet White

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  • 4.5 Cubic feet
  • Dual action agitator
  • Stainless steel basket
  • 700 RPM Spin speed
  • 14 Cycles
  • 6 Temperatures
  • 5 Soil Levels
  • Deep water fill
  • Deep rinse
  • Speed wash
  • 44"H x 27"W x 27"D
  • Model: GTW465ASNWW
  • Matching Dryer; Electric: GTD42EASJWW,
    Gas: GTD42GASJWW
Deep Fill
  • Customize your water-fill levels with just the touch of a button. Add a little extra or fill the tub to wash the way you want.
Dual-Action Agitator
  • Powerful reversing wash action rotates your laundry for a thorough clean every time
Precise Fill with 4 Water Level Selections
  • Select your preferred load size for the desired water level or let the machine automatically sense the load and add the amount of water needed to ensure great cleaning results
Auto Soak
  • Loosens stains by soaking up to 2 hours
Deep Rinse
  • Ensure clothes are rinsed free of detergent, fabric softener and stubborn soils
Speed Wash
  • Provides a quick wash for lightly soiled items that are needed in a hurry
Rotary Electronic Controls with Cycle Status Lights
  • Know the progress of the wash cycle with just a quick glance
14 Washer Cycles
  • Colors/Normal (Heavy, Normal, Light). Drain + Spin. Speed Wash. Jeans. Bulky Items. Towels & Sheets. Whites (Heavy, Normal, Light). Casuals. Delicates. Active Wear

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